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Software Development

Wingy Ng

Assistant Technical Manager

Wingy Ng is currently GreenTomato’s team lead for Android development and GTA’s lead instructor for its specialist Advance with Android course. As the leader of the Android development team, Wingy’s key responsibilities are to draft and maintain his team’s technology stack as well as maintaining the team’s high standards of software delivery. He is also largely responsible for managing the deployment of projects, the provision of key software maintenance, as well as development enhancements for existing digital products in his domain.


Wingy holds a Bachelor in Computer Engineering from the City University of Hong Kong and has over 7 years of experience working on key projects related to retail and banking sectors. He has worked on numerous projects, including an extremely well known and regarded e-banking app and is a go-to point for advice due to his wealth of knowledge attained through developing for these two key industry areas.

Software Development Courses

Android App Development Intermediate
Software testing
Software Testing (Manual) Bootcamp
Apple Swift Fundamentals
Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals
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