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Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals

As businesses increasingly shift their operations to the cloud, the demand for skilled Google Cloud Engineers continues to grow. By completing the Google Cloud Platform Elementary Course, participants will be well-positioned to take advantage of this growing demand and advance their careers.


The course provides a comprehensive introduction to the Google Cloud Platform, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of working with the platform. Participants will learn about the fundamental concepts of cloud computing, as well as how to set up and manage resources, deploy and configure cloud solutions, and build and deploy Docker-based solutions.


By gaining hands-on experience with the tools and services provided by the Google Cloud Platform, participants will be able to demonstrate their expertise to potential employers and customers. Additionally, the course provides participants with a solid foundation for further learning and professional development in the field of cloud computing.


Overall, the Google Cloud Platform Elementary Course is an excellent investment for experienced software developers looking to specialize in cloud computing and advance their careers as professional Google Cloud Engineers.

Learning outcomes

This course will help participants:


Implement the setup and deployment of cloud solutions on the Google Cloud Platform


Design and deploy dockized solutions on the Google Cloud Platform


Configure and establish monitoring and logging services on the Google Cloud Platform


Construct and launch cloud solutions using Infrastructure as Code

Who should attend?

Workshop - ideas to MVP_entrepreneur.png

Beginners seeking an introduction to the Google Cloud Platform

Workshop - Big data_big data in management.png

Professionals looking to learn the management and deployment of solutions on the Google Cloud Platform

Digital marketing - bootcamp_transfer career.png

Individuals seeking a career transition from another technical field to Cloud Engineering

Course Details

Course code



19:00 – 20:30 (1.5 hours each lesson)


15 hours (Total 10 lessons)


HK$7,500 (Early bird offer: HK$6,750)


Cantonese with English supporting materials

  • Familiarity with basic computing concepts such as operating systems, networking, and virtualization

  • Knowledge of programming concepts and at least one programming language

  • Understanding of cloud computing concepts and deployment models

  • Basic knowledge of Infrastructure as Code (IAC) concepts and tools

  • Knowledge of Linux or Unix operating systems

Equipment required

Windows / Mac laptop with IDE installed

Assessment format

The specifics of the assessment will be provided to participants during the course.

Certification requirement

Certificates of completion will be given to participants who meet the following criteria:

1) Attendance at 8 or more of the 10 course lessons;

2) Pass the final course assessment

Our instructors and mentors

Jam Kuong.jpeg
Software Development
Jam Kuong

Assistant Technical Manager, GT

*subject to instructor availability


Topic 1:
Google Cloud Fundamentals
  • Introduction to important concepts and terminology for working with Google Cloud

  • Overview of Google Cloud computing and storage services

  • Introduction to resource and policy management tools

Topic 2:
Google Cloud Infrastructure Foundation
  • Overview of infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud

  • Focus on Compute Engine

  • Use of Google Cloud through the console and Cloud Shell

  • Role of a cloud architect

  • Approaches to infrastructure design

  • Virtual networking configuration with VPC, Projects, Networks, Subnetworks, IP addresses, Routes, and Firewall rules

Topic 3:
Google Cloud Infrastructure Core Service
  • Deploying practical solutions including:

    • Customer-supplied encryption keys

    • Security and access management

    • Quotas and billing

    • Resource monitoring

Topic 4: 
Elastic Google Cloud Infrastructure
  • Overview of infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud

  • Deploying practical solutions including:

    • Interconnecting networks securely

    • Load balancing

    • Autoscaling

    • Infrastructure automation

    • Managed services

Topic 5: 
Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Creating a container using Cloud Build and storing in Container Registry

  • Comparing features of Kubernetes and GKE

  • Deploying a Kubernetes cluster using GKE

  • Deploying Pods to a GKE cluster

  • Viewing and managing Kubernetes objects

Topic 6:
Logging, Monitoring and Observability in Google Cloud
  • Full-stack monitoring

  • Real-time log management and analysis

  • Debugging code in production

  • Profiling CPU and memory usage

Topic 7:
Securing and Integrating Components of your Application
  • Developing more secure applications

  • Implementing federated identity management

  • Integrating application components through messaging, event-driven processing, and API gateways

Topic 8:
App Development Debugging and Performance
  • Creating repeatable deployments

  • Choosing the appropriate application execution environment

  • Monitoring application performance

Topic 9:
Application Development with Cloud Run
  • Designing, implementing, deploying, securing, managing, and scaling applications using Cloud Run

Topic 10:
Getting Started with Terraform for Google Cloud
  • Introduction to Terraform for implementing infrastructure as code

  • Using Terraform to create and manage Google Cloud infrastructure

*subject to change. To be finalised when the course date is announced.

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