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GTA_Software Development-軟件開發 course - iOS Dev Intermediate APP-Apple Swift -手機應用程式

Apple Swift Fundamentals

The demand for mobile apps is constantly increasing and the iOS platform is at the forefront of this trend, making a career as an iOS developer a lucrative and fulfilling choice.


The Apple Swift Fundamentals course teaches the Swift programming language and iOS development ecosystem. It is suitable for beginners and experienced developers looking to learn Swift. The course covers the basics of Swift syntax, data types, and control flow, as well as advanced topics such as object-oriented programming, optionals, and error handling. Participants will also learn how to build user interfaces, make network requests, and parse data from web services. By the end of the course, participants will be prepared to build their own iOS apps and take the official Apple Swift certification exam.

Learning outcomes

This course will help participants:


Understand the fundamentals of the Swift programming language


Make network requests, parse data from web services, and incorporate data into an iOS app


Build user interfaces for iOS apps using UIKit and Storyboards


Develop skills in working with iOS development tools and technologies

Who should attend?

Software development - iOS_existing programmer.png

Beginners with no prior programming experience, as well as experienced developers looking to learn the Swift programming language and build iOS apps

Software development - iOS_app store.png

Anyone interested in starting a career in iOS development

Software development - iOS_get job_career_path.png

Those who want to build their own apps as a business, hobby or side project

Course Details

Course code



19:00 – 21:00 (2 hours each lesson)


24 hours (Total 12 lessons)


HK$12,000 (Early bird offer: HK$10,800)


Cantonese with English supporting materials


Participants have a general understanding of computer science concepts, such as variables, loops, and basic data structures. Familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts, such as classes and inheritance, would also be beneficial but is not required. A willingness to learn and a strong work ethic would be important qualities for learners to succeed in this course.

Equipment required

A Mac computer running macOS 10.15 or a PC running macOS

Assessment format

The specifics of the assessment will be provided to participants during the course.

Certification requirement

Certificates of completion will be given to participants who meet the following criteria:

1) Attendance at 10 or more of the 12 course lessons;

2) Pass the final course assessment

Our instructors and mentors

Instructors from GT Group is on their way.  

GTA_instructors_mentors_GT Group_coming soon.png

*subject to instructor availability


Topic 1:
Introduction to Swift and Xcode
  • Overview of the Swift programming language and its features

  • Setting up Xcode and creating a new project

Topic 2:
Basic Syntax and Data Types
  • Variables and constants

  • Common data types (e.g. strings, integers, doubles)

  • Basic operators (e.g. assignment, arithmetic, comparison)

Topic 3:
Control Flow
  • If statements

  • For loops

  • While loops

Topic 4: 
  • Defining and calling functions

  • Parameters and return values

Topic 5: 
Object-Oriented Programming
  • Classes and objects

  • Properties and methods

  • Inheritance

Topic 6:
Optionals and Error Handling
  • Understanding optionals and optional binding

  • Throwing and handling errors

Topic 7:
Collection Types
  • Arrays

  • Dictionaries

  • Sets

Topic 8:
Working with UIKit
  • Creating a user interface with Storyboards

  • Connecting UI elements to code

  • Responding to user interaction

Topic 9:
Networking and Web Services
  • Making HTTP requests

  • Parsing JSON data

Topic 10:
Advanced Topics
  • Protocols and delegation

  • Generics

  • Access control

Topic 11:
Debugging and Testing
  • Debugging techniques in Xcode

  • Writing unit tests and test-driven development

Topic 12:
App Deployment
  • Preparing an app for submission to the App Store

  • Managing app updates and version control

*subject to change. To be finalised when the course date is announced.

Apply Now

Interested to apply this course or still wondering? Feel free to contact us!

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