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Mentorship is a differentiator of professional success

At GTA, we offer mentorship opportunities to our learners alongside our courses. These mentors are dedicated working professionals who provide personalized support and guidance as you navigate through technical concepts and industry secrets.

Your mentor will work with you on an individual level, helping you to apply your newly acquired skills and achieve your goals. In addition to classroom instructors who provide structured learning experiences, our mentors are your partners throughout your learning journey, ensuring that your education is tailored to your needs and goals.

During your time with us your mentor will:


guide you through the curriculum, help familiarise you with industry tools, answer your questions and remove potential blockers


provide industry guidance and an insider’s perspective of the workings in your chosen industry


help you plan, create and structure excellent portfolio projects that will make you stand out to future employers

Meet your personal mentor

At GTA, we will match you with a mentor that suits your schedule as well as your learning and career goals.

GTA_Mentorship - relevant experience.png

Your mentor will have relevant experience working in your chosen field

GTA_Mentorship - meet regularly.png

You will meet regularly with your mentor over online calls and be able to catch up with them via email between meetings

GTA_Mentorship - live meetings overcome challenges.png

You will be able to set the agenda for live meetings to discuss the materials you are learning or working to help you overcome any challenges

GTA_Mentorship - creating portfolio.png

Our mentors will help you to develop and review your projects, as well as being there to guide you through the process of creating a portfolio that is appealing to hiring managers

  • 1. Who will be my instructor?
    At GreenTomato Academy, your instructors will be seasoned professionals from the industry who have a wealth of practical experience and expertise to share. They are dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals by providing action-oriented learning and supporting you in applying what you learn to real-world projects and work.
  • 2. What is the structure of GTA courses?
    Our courses are structured to meet the needs of learners at different levels, from introductory courses to bootcamps and masterclasses. We also offer seminars and sharing events on specific topics to provide additional focus and depth. Our course design is based on practical experience and real-world projects, so you can be sure you are learning valuable, relevant skills.
  • 3. Which course suits me best?
    We offer a range of courses covering different topics, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Our training specialist is here to help you understand your needs, wants, and career aspirations, and will work with you to determine the course that best fits your goals.
  • 4. How can I obtain a certificate?
    The requirements for obtaining a certificate from our courses vary based on attendance and/or assessment results. You will be informed of any certificate issuance requirements during the application process.
  • 5. How do I purchase my course?
    We accept major credit cards, direct bank transfers, and the Faster Payment System (FPS) for course payments. You can also choose to use HeroPlus's installment services. Payment details will be provided after you apply for a course.

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