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GTA_Software Development-軟件開發_Android App Dev Intermediate_手機應用程式

Android App Development Intermediate

Android is a popular and dominant platform in the smartphone market, making Android development skills in high demand. As businesses create mobile apps for customer engagement, the demand for these skills is likely to continue. Android's open-source nature allows developers easy access to the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).


This course is designed for Android developers who already have a basic understanding of Android app development. It will cover practical, current examples and help participants gain advanced, specialised knowledge necessary for advancing their careers as professional Android developers.

Learning outcomes

This course will help participants to:


Improve efficiency and reduce errors in Android app development


Deliver higher quality outcomes that meet stakeholder needs


Enhance team cohesion and skills in Android development


Increase confidence and accuracy in development work

Who should attend?

Software development - Android_deepen skills.png

Android developers who want to improve and expand their skills

Software development - Android_switch from other technical domain.png

Individuals looking to transition to Android development from another technical field

Software development - Android_broaden knowledge insider insight.png

Those interested in gaining in-depth knowledge about Android development

Course Details

Course code



17 Mar 2023 – 19 May 2023 (Friday)


19:00 – 21:00 (2 hours each lesson)


20 hours (Total 10 lessons)


HK$10,000 (Early bird offer: HK$9,000 on/before 17 Feb 2023)


Cantonese with English supporting materials


Participants should have at least 2 years of experience in Android app development using Kotlin or Java

Equipment required

Windows / Mac laptop with Android studio installed

Assessment format

The specifics of the assessment will be provided to participants during the course.

Certification requirement

Certificates of completion will be given to participants who meet the following criteria:

1) Attendance at 8 or more of the 10 course lessons;

2) Pass the final course assessment

Our instructors and mentors

empty state_male 2.png
Software Development
Frank Fung

System Analyst, GT

empty state_male 1.png
Software Development
Hin Lai

System Analyst, GT

GTA_instructor_Wingy_Software Development_Android_assistant manager.jpg
Software Development
Wingy Ng

Assistant Technical Manager, GT

*subject to instructor availability


Topic 1:
Introduction to Kotlin and Git Flow
  • Overview of the Kotlin programming language and its features

  • Introduction to Git Flow and version control

Topic 2:
Android App Development Life Cycles
  • Understanding the different stages of Android app development

  • Managing the app development process

Topic 3:
Android Views and Layout Architecture
  • Introduction to Android views and layout

  • Designing user interfaces with views and layouts

Topic 4:
Jetpack Compose
  • Introduction to Jetpack Compose

  • Building user interfaces with Jetpack Compose

Topic 5:
Kotlin Coroutines and Flow
  • Asynchronous programming with Kotlin Coroutines

  • Reactive programming with Flow

Topic 6: 
Clean MVVM Architecture and Reactive Programming
  • Introduction to the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture

  • Implementing MVVM with reactive programming

Topic 7:
Test-Driven Development (TDD), Unit Testing, and Dependency Injection
  • Introduction to TDD and unit testing

  • Testing Android apps with dependency injection

Topic 8:
Code Quality Control with Sonarqube and Detekt
  • Introduction to code quality control tools (Sonarqube and Detekt)

  • Analysing and improving code quality with Sonarqube and Detekt

Topic 9: 
Debugging Strategies
  • Debugging techniques in Android development

  • Troubleshooting common issues

Topic 10: 
Instant Apps and Runtime Download Feature with Modularised Project Structure
  • Introduction to Instant Apps and runtime download feature

  • Modularising project structure for runtime download feature

*subject to change

Apply Now

Interested to apply this course or still wondering? Feel free to contact us!

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