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Software Development

Jam Kuong

Assistant Technical Manager, GT

Jam Kuong, an experienced Solution Architect at GreenTomato, has dedicated his career to helping financial sector clients with their cloud transformation efforts. He has a strong belief that cloud technology will play a crucial role in providing fast, reliable, scalable, and resilient solutions to the industry.


With a proven track record of successful cloud migration projects, Jam has been instrumental in guiding clients from the initial launch of their production systems to a new cloud platform. His expertise and attention to detail have resulted in projects that have received accolades and been approved by security standards committees.


Jam is a certified Solution Architect across multiple cloud platforms and holds a Google Cloud Platform Data Engineer certification. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering from City University of Hong Kong.

Software Development Courses

Android App Development Intermediate
Software testing
Software Testing (Manual) Bootcamp
Apple Swift Fundamentals
Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals
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