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Software Development

Kan Cheng

Quality Assurance Analyst, GT

Kan is an experienced lead of Automation for GT’s Quality Assurance team. He is passionate about building the very best QA team GT can offer and is thus committed to the task of upskilling GT team members to prepare them for future projects. Although Kan leads in the automation field, he possesses years of experience training team members in a wide range of SQA topics including manual software testing.


Kan holds a masters in Total Quality Management from the Newport University and has a strong reputation for his commitment to training QA team members. GTA course participants are now fortunate to be able to access the same high-quality professional instruction GT’s Quality Assurance team has enjoyed for over eight years. 

Software Development Courses

Android App Development Intermediate
Software testing
Software Testing (Manual) Bootcamp
Apple Swift Fundamentals
Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals
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