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Stimulating the potential of innovation and technology in academia | GTA x Swift Coding Club | UXUI

On October 18th 2022, GreenTomato Academy (GTA), the knowledge and skill transmitter of GreenTomato (GT), honoured an invitation by the Swift Coding Club, to deliver the concepts of user experience and user interface (UX UI) design and design thinking to students from 20 primary and secondary schools. In addition, the students were invited to visit GT headquarters on October 21st.

During the class, GT’s UX UI experts shared concepts and insights into design thinking, user experience and user interface design. With the task of helping students to become more knowledgeable and capable, our experts provided students with real examples from daily lives. This helped deepen their understanding of UX UI concepts.

As a multi-platform for students to participate in Apple Swift programming education and training, Swift Coding Club held the ‘First Swift Coding Competition’ this year. Through arranging a series of engaging activities, Swift Coding Club aims to cultivate creative skills, information literacy, design thinking, presentation skills, and other soft skills in young learners.

As experts in UX UI design, in addition to sharing design thinking, user experience and user interface design with students, many stories behind the development of mobile applications could be shared by our team. Students would go on to learn about how to begin projects by establishing personas, some thinking they could apply to their competition entries.

After studying in the online classroom, GTA arranged for the students to visit GT's office in person on October 21st. After having their own ‘user experience’ of visiting the office, students communicated their experiences with our team. Students not only told our team what they had learned about the development of the industry but also asked our experts series of questions about their entries to help solve problems they had encountered in their designs.

We hope that the class, visit, and guidance has allowed students to unleash the potential of innovation and technology and that improvements in the UX UI design of their entries can be accomplished.

GTA is a provider of teaching services for primary and secondary schools to help cultivate future experience creators. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.


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