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Before the arrival of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), let's get ourselves ready!

In the era of rapid development of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI), it has greatly enhanced the efficiency of our daily work, especially for non-governmental organisations (NGO) that handle a large volume of paperwork every day. As AGI approaches, to enhance the capabilities of our staff in the application of GAI, Caritas Hong Kong (Caritas) invited GreenTomato Academy (GTA) to hold a seminar on 23 February, introducing the applications of GAI.

To provide a deeper experience of GAI for staff from different fields, GTA invited Anita Wong, a Technology Architect from GreenTomato (GT), to be the speaker and guide 30 staff members into the world of GAI. Under her guidance, 30 staff members explored the world of GAI, learning practical knowledge and improving their abilities.

 We are delighted that this event not only enriched the knowledge and skills of our staff members but also boosted the confidence of the Caritas team in applying GAI. Together, we are preparing to face future challenges and provide better services and support for Hong Kong!

If you are interested in our educational services or would like to obtain more information, please feel free to contact us.


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