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  • Bella Lau

Restaurants & Related Trades | Challenges after COVID

In the highly competitive food and beverage industry, retaining customers is essential for long-term success. With the rise of digital transformation, businesses can now use technology to enhance the customer journey and build stronger relationships with their customers.

GreenTomato Academy and the Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades (HKFORT) jointly held the "Digital Business Seminar", and invited 2 speakers: Ravel Lai, an expert in IT and digital marketing and university lecturer, and Karen Leung, Vice President of advertising platform Hotmob share their insights on how to stand out in the highly competitive catering industry by utilizing data analysis and precise advertising. Mr. Winston Yeung, Chairman of the HKFORT as well as Executive Director of Fulum Group Holdings Limited, Winston mentioned that with rapid changes in consumer behavior and the business environment after the epidemic, he aims to respond to market changes through various digital transformation solutions, helping the catering industry turn challenges into opportunities.

"Positive reviews from customers serve as highly persuasive promotion."

Ravel highlights the importance of leveraging various catering technology and information platforms to effectively improve customer retention and loyalty. Carefully analyzing every detail of existing customers' purchasing process and enhancing the customer experience (Customer Journey) are key to boosting retention rates.

Ravel also shares successful examples, such as offering real-time limited-time discounts tailored to different weather conditions to communicate with customers in real-time, strengthening customer loyalty (Social CRM), stimulating revisits, and transforming customers into a potent promotional tool.