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Mastering Competitive Advantage in the Digital Era to Create Future Employment Opportunities

In the digital era, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design have become crucial factors in shaping the success of digital products and services. To enhance students' employment ability and competitiveness, Hong Kong Shue Yan University invited GreenTomato Academy (GTA) to conduct a one-day immersive UX UI Design workshop on 14 October 2023, imparting the necessary knowledge and skills required in this rapidly evolving field to the students.

GTA invited Eddy Hui, the Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Designers Association, to lead the workshop. The participants included not only undergraduate students but also those pursuing master's degree programs. Eddy delivered a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of UX UI design in a clear and concise manner. To help them gain a deeper understanding of the importance of UX UI design, Eddy utilized the school's course selection system “Add/Drop” as a practical project, assisting them in grasping how to enhance user experience, solve real-world problems, and create better experiences for the general public.

The workshop received enthusiastic feedback, with many students staying behind for further discussions and exchanges with Eddy after its conclusion. We hope that this workshop will bring more opportunities for students' future employment and allow them to apply the practical experience gained from this workshop to their future work.

At GTA, we are committed to providing various courses that enable individuals, teams, and organizations to stay ahead and maintain a competitive edge in the future. Whether you are just beginning to explore the field of UX UI design or already have some experience, our courses can meet your needs. We believe that through our public courses, you will be able to further enhance your skills and broaden your career development path. Enroll now in the latest UX UI Design Bootcamp!


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