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GTA_design course_UX fundamentals-用戶體驗設計_基礎課程

User Experience (UX) Design Fundamentals

The User Experience (UX) Design Fundamentals course teaches the fundamental concepts and skills needed for UX design. UX design is a field that focuses on improving the quality of life through technology. As a UX designer, you can enhance the lives of vulnerable groups, the elderly, and everyone by making technology accessible and user-friendly.


In this course, you will learn about the principles of UX design and how to bridge the gap between people and technology. You will learn how to conduct user research, create wireframes and prototypes, and design user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use. You will also learn how to test and iterate your designs to ensure that they meet the needs and expectations of users. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to start your career as a UX designer and make a positive impact on the world.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


Understand the UX design process from start to finish


Apply core UX skills, such as user research and iterative design, in work or on a project


Learn the fundamental principles of UX design, including Design Thinking, user-centered design, and information architecture


Develop a solid foundation in UX design principles and techniques

Who should attend?

GTA_UIUX design- User Experience fundamental_interested in.png

Those interested in a career in user experience (UX) design

GTA_UIUX design- User experience fundamental_understand work purpose.png

Professionals looking to enhance their understanding of UX for personal or work-related purposes

Course Details

Course code



11 May 2023 – 8 Jun 2023 (Thursday)*


19:00 – 21:00 (2 hours each lesson)


10 hours (Total 4 lessons + 1 presentation session)


HK$6,000 (Early bird offer: HK$5,400 on/before 11 Apr 2023)


Cantonese with English supporting materials


No prior design experience is required to take this course

Equipment required

Participants will need access to a Mac or PC with an internet connection

Assessment format

The assessment for this course will be in the form of a practical project. Participants will be required to identify and justify an action problem statement, and then use the skills and knowledge learned in the course to create a solution. The project will be evaluated based on the quality of the solution and the thought process behind it.

Certification requirement

Completion certificates will be issued to participants who satisfy the Certificates of completion will be given to participants who meet the following criteria:

1) Attendance at 4 or more of the 5 course lessons;

2) Pass the final course assessment

Our instructors and mentors

UX UI Design
Duncan Liu

Project Specialist, GT

*subject to instructor availability


This course includes an end-to-end design project that will allow participants to apply skills covered in each unit of the course.

Topic 1:
Introduction to UX and Design Thinking
  • Definition of UX and its importance

  • Introduction to design thinking

  • Understanding user needs and motivations

Topic 2:
Research Methods
  • Types of research methods for UX design

  • Conducting user interviews, surveys, and focus groups

  • Analysing and synthesising research findings

Topic 3:
Creating User Personas
  • Definition and purpose of user personas

  • Developing user personas through research

  • Using user personas to inform design decisions

Topic 4: 
Reframing Problems and Generating Problem Statements
  • Understanding the design process and problem-solving approach

  • Identifying and reframing design problems

  • Generating clear and actionable problem statements

Topic 5: 
Capstone Project
  • Applying UX design principles to a real-world project

  • Presenting mid-term progress on capstone project

  • Receiving feedback and iterating on design solutions

*subject to change

Apply Now

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