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UX UI Design

Duncan Liu

Project Specialist, GT

Duncan has contributed 18 years to GreenTomato. He is an energetic and caring leader in the GT family. Over the years he has been involved in the running of numerous projects. Duncan is known for his advanced problem solving skills when encountering various challenges over the span of different projects. He is adaptable and tactile and always finds a way out.


As a member of GreenTomato’s Special Duties Unit, Duncan often cooperates with colleagues from various departments. He has built friendships with colleagues of all age groups and backgrounds, and understands the key to a harmonious working environment is to be humble to each other.


Problem solving skills are never easily gained. Duncan has faced numerous bottlenecks during his career, but he consistently tries to lift himself up to new levels. In his spare time, Duncan likes crafting and building which helps to boost his problem solving skills.


His life goal is to use technology to allocate social resources to those most in need. Duncan is a caring and warm-hearted person, and is passionate about using his own talents to lend a helping hand to others. Duncan cares about his family very much, and has provided a nice home for his family to grow towards the future.

UX UI Design Courses

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UX UI Design Bootcamp
UX fundamentals
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