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Artificial Intelligence

Tony Chan

Co-founder, EDGE Start

Get ready to be inspired by Tony@EDGE Start, a seasoned public speaker and passionate advocate for learning and education. With his engaging talks on innovation, data, digital, and technology, he has empowered teams from major MNCs to embrace new mindsets and skillsets.


Tony's leadership and consultant mindset have enabled him to build multi-million dollar teams, leveraging innovative approaches like design thinking, agile methodologies, and more. His commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and education is evident in his track record of success.



Embark on an exciting journey with Tony and explore the remarkable potential of generative AI to revolutionize diverse fields. Together, we will shape a future where organizations thrive by embracing cutting-edge tools and pioneering approaches to drive innovation and growth.

Artificial Intelligence Courses

Website Course Picture.jpeg
Generative AI: New Edge in Education
How ChatGPT is changing the game?
ChatGPT 101: A Content Marketer’s Guide to AI-Generated Content
ChatGPT for Google SEO
The Rise of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI): Unlocking Its Full Potential for Humanity
Job interview
ChatGPT for Human Resources (HR)
Mastering ChatGPT Prompts for Effective Content Marketing
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