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Youth Employment | Quality Assurance Analyst

QualityAssurance Digital

While software and technology play an increasingly significant role across industries, companies are recognizing the importance of robust Quality Assurance (QA) to ensure high quality digital products and services. Kan Cheng, also known as Kan Gor, a Quality Assurance (QA) analyst at GreenTomato, as well as an instructor at GreenTomato Academy was invited as a guest speaker to share his work experience as well as insights into the daily work and industry orientation with young professionals.

Market Needs and Trends

The demand for QA skills is booming, and the career path for QA analysts is also quite promising where reflected in job sites like JobsDB and LinkedIn, with hundreds of open positions for QA analysts and QA/test leads in Hong Kong shown. According to Kan Gor, QA analysts are needed in all industries that develop software or technology products, not limited to tech companies with mobile apps, as well as finance/banking, healthcare, government, and retail. The ongoing list of examples shows that QA talent is in demand across Hong Kong's key industries.

Career Prospects

QA plays an important role in digital transformation by ensuring high-quality digital products and requires QA professionals with coding and scripting skills. According to Kan Gor, young talents should explore different programming languages so they can read and write scripts for test cases and test data.

To progress as a QA professional, Kan Gor suggests that young talents keep an open and curious mind for the hunger of knowledge by reading extensively on software testing advancements, participating in online courses, hands-on practice as well as getting involved in open-source projects. He highlighted the possibilities of innovations and career advancements in the field with the support of technologies in artificial intelligence and automation where outstanding QA professionals are in demand not limited to testing execution but providing insights into user experience that exceeds business values.

Technical skills such as performing hands-on testing of software/products and documenting any bugs/issues/defects are hard skills that outstanding QAs must have. However, the learning journey does not end there. Outstanding QAs also keep up with new technologies. As emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and virtual/augmented reality become more prevalent, outstanding QAs proactively learn about these technologies and how to test complex, innovative systems.

Overall, sustained growth in digital transformation will keep demand high for the versatile skill sets and experience that QA analysts offer. Start your flourished digital journey as an outstanding QA with us, please visit :


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