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Youth Employment | GreenTomato Academy x LingnanU | UX/UI Designer

On 22 February (Wednesday), GreenTomato Academy (GTA) was invited to connect online with students from Lingnan University. Several UX/UI designers from GreenTomato: Kevin Kwok (Senior UX/UI Manager), Serena Lau (Senior UX/UI Designer), and Zoe Chan (UX/UI Designer) to share their work experience in the industry.

Serena shared that the daily work of an UX/UI designer includes understanding customer needs, discovering their needs and pain points from the perspective of users, and optimizing the user experience. She then initiated a real time interactive quiz with students covered aspects of applying UX and UI in different situations. Students shared their thoughts and participated the quiz via the chatroom of online conferencing tool while Serena explained the logical reason of the answer to each question.

Serena further expressed that fundamental skills of UX/UI tools and related level of technology would be needed as an UX/UI designer. Besides of the skills and technology, Kevin and Zoe also mentioned that having good communication skills, coupled with empathy, and being able to face different opinions calmly while discussing solutions with different teams, departments, and customers is indispensable for becoming a hot UX/UI designer idiosyncratic. All three speakers expressed the importance of the building of portfolios as an UX/UI designer career and interviewing tips and do not be scared to show your talent.

The sharing session served a great opportunity to students who is interested in pursuing UX/UI designer with the enhancement of preliminary understanding of career journey.

We urge to create a different learning experience for you.


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