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Youth Employment | GTA x St James’ Settlement | UX UI Design Bootcamp

The joint initiative by GreenTomato Academy and St. James' Settlement Youth Employment and Subsidy Programme - UX UI Design Bootcamp - commenced on 1st March. This 12-session program is designed to equip learners with practical UX and UI skills to establish a strong foundation for their next employment or career transition.

In the first class, GreenTomato's senior UXUI designer, Louis, elucidated the fundamentals of UX and UI, providing real-life examples. He also shared four essential tips for developing UX UI soft skills, the daily responsibilities of a UXUI designer, and his own learning materials for the benefit of the learners.

Subsequently, Louis expounded on the thinking process of a UX UI designer, which is centered around user-centered design (UCD) and the Double Diamond Framework. To help the learners understand and effectively utilize this framework, group discussions based on a case study were conducted. The learners participated with great enthusiasm and demonstrated their proficiency in the Double Diamond Framework through their reports.

Don't miss an opportunity to improve your UX UI design skills and promote career development! Sign up for the UX UI Design Bootcamp now.


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