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Hero Plus Exclusive Interest Free Installment Plan

GreenTomato Academy (GTA) has teamed up with e-payment service provider Hero Plus to help you achieve your study goal. Now you can use our new 0% interest rate, $0 handling fee Tuition Installment Plan to reduce your financial stress on professional development. Hero Plus users can have the choice of paying the tuition in 2, 3 or 4 installments.

Example: If you apply for our 12-class UX UI Design Bootcamp, the fee of $15,120 (after deducing $1,680 of the 10% Early Bird special from $16,800) can be divided into 4 installments, the payment is shown below:

Payment Date

Payment Amount

1st installment (Course enrollment)


2nd installment (1 month after course enrollment)


3rd installment (2 months after course enrollment)


4th installment (3 months after course enrollment)



  1. Download the Hero Plus mobile app

  2. Register your account and login

  3. Scan the payment QR Code provided by GreenTomato Academy

  4. Input the payable amount and select the number of installments (2/3/4 installments)

  5. Select the credit card you wish to use

  6. Confirm payment

  7. After completion, confirm your payment via WhatsApp or email

Download Hero Plus payment mobile app Now and Kickstart Your Tech Career!


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