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Encountered students with entrepreneurial ideas besides job hunting ?

Teachers have encountered students with entrepreneurial ideas besides job hunting?

In today's digital age, more and more students are brimming with bold, creative ideas for startups and businesses besides traditional paths like employment. While this entrepreneurial spirit can be inspiring, teachers also have a duty to help channel these ideas into actionable steps that lead to real-world success.

At a recent teacher training with GreenTomato Academy (GTA), Donth Yau was invited by Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters and The Education University of Hong Kong, to provide training to 40 career development and life planning teachers under the Teacher Professional Development Programme in order to address this topic head on.

Transform students' ambitions into grounded goals

Donth spoke of how entrepreneurship education and mentorship can transform students' ambitions into grounded goals and plans. By equipping teachers with frameworks, Donth aimed to facilitate a systematic approach for shaping pupils' ideas. His endeavour was cultivating a logical and pragmatic way of thinking that could render visions actionable and attainable.

Empower teachers to be armed with the right guidance

As Donth noted, "Teachers play an important role in cultivating students' entrepreneurial mindset, asking the right questions and introducing frameworks that structure their ideas." Exercises and course materials can instill pragmatism while retaining the spirit of innovation. When harnessed properly, students' creative solutions and fresh perspectives can fuel Hong Kong's next wave of growth and competitiveness.

This training empowered teachers to be armed with the right guidance, resources and industry connections that can light the path that bridges students' dreams with real impact.

If you'd like to learn more about arranging a company visit or workshop for your students, contact Bella Lau at GreenTomato Academy to discuss how they can best support your career development and entrepreneurship education goals.


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