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Ocean Yeung

Project Specialist, GT

As one of our project specialists at GreenTomato, Ocean enjoys hands-on activities in different kinds and scales of project. She builds her own methodology for handling different challenges at work. From customer service to project management, from printing house and interior contracting company, to technology company, Ocean has explored her career path in different domains in her golden 10 years, and accumulated diversified knowledge and soft skills from those working experiences.


Throughout the golden 10 years, Ocean has performed as an assistant, visual

merchandising coordinator, to now project manager; and has apparent growth in her communication and management skills via working with different clients, landlords, production teams, and other parties.

Oceans holds a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media from University of the West of England and also an Associate Degree of applied psychology from City University of Hong Kong.

Upcoming Events

turn idea to mvp
Turn Ideas into Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
social CRM
Social CRM Application and Platform Workshop
big data
Big Data and Business Analytics Fundamentals
Building website
Building Website for yourself or business
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