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UX UI Design

Kevin Kwok

Senior UI/UX Manager, GT

With over ten years of experience in the design field, Kevin Kwok epitomises the merging of design excellence and leadership aptitude. As GreenTomato’s Senior UI/UX Manager, Kevin has contributed his numerous skills to projects that have won significant acclaim and recognition. Among his numerous successes, Kevin has helped his team win a ‘Best Lifestyle award’ at the HK ICT Awards 2016, as well as achieving a ‘Gold award’ for Pizza hut’s HK App.


As a designer at heart. Kevin’s specialist areas include Mobile Interface Design, User Experience Design, Web Design and Design Thinking. Kevin is a proud graduate of the Hong Kong Institute of Education and is committed to helping enrich the future with new experiences.

UX UI Design Courses

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UX UI Design Fundamentals with Generative AI
UIUX bootcamp
UX UI Design Bootcamp
UX fundamentals
User Experience (UX) Design Fundamentals
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