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Hanson Cheung

General Manager, Storellet

Mr. Hanson Cheung is currently General Manager at Storellet, one of Hong Kong’s largest loyalty based Mobile Apps. His previous career experience working as a Product Manager for Hong Kong’s no.1 movie community app built his reputation as a capable and growth orientated leader. During his tenure, Hong Kong movie grew to attract over one million monthly active users, and he was able to help grow the product in Japan to be its second largest movie community.


Before helping to develop movie ticketing solutions for Japan and Hong Kong, Mr. Cheung graduated from Hong Kong Metropolitan University with a degree in Business Administration, Management and Operations.He is eager to share his expertise with the next generation of leaders!

Upcoming Events

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Turn Ideas into Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
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Social CRM Application and Platform Workshop
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Big Data and Business Analytics Fundamentals
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Building Website for yourself or business
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