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UX UI Design

Carrie Yeung

Senior UI/UX Manager, GT

Carrie Yeung is one of GreenTomato’s most respected and experienced UX/UI Managers. With over ten years of experience, Carrie is an approachable and reliable ‘go-to’ person for her design expertise. She is always more than happy to draw on her experience in her specialist areas, namely Mobile Applications, User Experience Design, User Interface Design and Project Management, and share her insights and expertise.


Carrie is a graduate of Hong Kong Baptist University, achieving a BA (Hons) in Visual arts. Since starting her career, she has grown to be an extremely well respected and indispensable member of GreenTomato’s design team

UX UI Design Courses

UIUX fundamentals
UX UI Design Fundamentals with Generative AI
UIUX bootcamp
UX UI Design Bootcamp
UX fundamentals
User Experience (UX) Design Fundamentals
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